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Tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers, watermelon, sugar snap peas, sweet corn…. the list goes on! This summer we had an excellent crop of a large variety of vegetables as well as some strawberries and a few different types of melons. Garret and I have had a lot of fun experimenting with the various produce creating all sorts of meals in the kitchen. We’ve supplemented the foods brought home from the garden with items from our local Farmer’s Market (meats and other veggies I did not get to grow this season).

Right now the garden has more weeds than I care to admit. With the 4H Fair, being a bit short-staffed, and generally needing to choose priorities, it seems the garden has been moved to the back burner. Still, we are picking produce on nearly a daily basis. So far we have managed to sell a decent amount of vegetables from the garden each Thursday night during out Summer Concert Series. I am getting a better idea of what people like and don’t like. For example I have had many requests for okra. At the same time people have been afraid to try our Habanero peppers. That is such a shame because they are a great addition to taco meat, chili and many other dishes. The general public also seems to steer away from varieties of vegetables familiar to them but are types you would not necessarily find in the grocery store. Cucumbers meant more for pickling are a prime example. They are a different color and smaller shape than you find in the grocery store.

Oh well.

Even though this growing season will come to an end sooner than I would like I still look forward to planning next year’s garden. Companion planting has been a great success when it comes to keeping bugs away. We did not have nearly as many bug problems this year as we did last year. There are some spacing issues I would also like to address next year. I think the bush beans may have been too close to each other this year which lead to less growth. And next year tomato cages are probably the way to go.

However, for now I am going to enjoy the remaining produce from the garden.


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Life and death go hand in hand and today reminded me of that fact. As Becca, our hampshire sow, gave birth to piglets we also buried the little guernsey heifer. The little heifer had struggled for a week due to a naval infection. She seemed to be on the upswing when all of the sudden she crashed late Saturday morning. We did everything possible to keep her alive but in the end she gave up. The same amount of energy we spent on trying to save the calf was transferred to keeping Becca and her piglets safe throughout the birth. In the end we delivered 11 beautiful piglets.

Delivering the last piglet.

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