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End of Summer Photos

I’ve been busy but managed to snap some photos for everyone to enjoy! Hope to get more updates soon. 🙂

The newest litter of piglets with their mom, Dipper. I accidentally disrupted a nursing session. This litter loves to stay outdoors rather than in the main barn.

See anything new in this pic? Hint: it is very shiny!

Answer: It is a new cupola!

Here is one of our show pigs, Spalsh. She is a Yorkshire cross gilt from a litter born earlier this year. I can't wait to show her at the State Fair next weekend! Don't worry. She cleans up nicely.

Two months later the marigolds are finally blooming.

It has been so dry this summer and as a result we have had to start feeding hay early! Here is Dandy and Sally enjoying a snack.

Morning Glories on the fence of the garden.

As prep for the State Fair we have been walking our pigs and cleaning them off each week. Jake is making sure all the soap is off Olive, one of Olivia's babies.

We just bathed the Chester Gilt who we plan to show at the State Fair. Her name is ShamWow!


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