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Looking Back & Forward

This summer has been one the busiest I can ever remember. Work took over, I joined a co-ed softball team, and I am back in the saddle… on a horse! From the 170 mile bike ride in June to now I feel like a completely different person. I’ve been challenged physically, intellectually, and emotionally. While it hasn’t been easy I feel it has been a good summer of growth and exploration. But, I am ready for fall. I’m ready for the leaves to begin to turn. I’m ready for work and life to settle down.

The Olympics have been wonderful to watch. I love the emotion and desire expressed in every play, every movement. The athletes are all incredible and I’ve found myself cheering for people from various nations in sports are hardly understand. Some are obvious but others aren’t.

Today, looking forward, I’ve made my first big plan. I’ve accepted I won’t be able to make the triathlon in September. There is just no way. I should have picked an event closer to home. BUT… I’ve signed myself up for the Tour de Cure in Reston, VA! Practically my backyard. It will be a 1-day century (100 mile) ride. I’m already itching to get on the bike trails but I’ve got time as it won’t be until June, 2013.

Also, it is so nice to be back riding a horse again. I’ve missed it for four or five years. A perfect situation entered my life and I couldn’t say no. It was time. I will just have to balance both saddles and make room in my life for both hobbies.

In the more immediate future my softball team has the end-of-year tournament this weekend! This is my first season (ever!) playing so I don’t expect much action but I still want to be there to support my teammates. The competitive side of me wants to play and to play well. I’m sure I will get to do a little bit of both.



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